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eMonitoringSolutions, Inc. specialize in remote management and Integration of systems aimed at company-directed profit and loss issues. This includes employee productivity, security, loss prevention, safety, and more. Our Integration Technologies will assist you in Operations Management in virtually all  areas of Profit and Loss.

Employees pull pallet trucks at the Amazon.com Inc. fulfillment center in Robbinsville, New Jersey, U.S., on Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. The holiday shopping season is off to a strong start and retailers appear to be continuing the momentum today -- Cyber Monday -- the biggest online spending day of the year. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images


insights from your CCTV data can help you find new ways to improve your operations; such as the number of trucks loaded over the course of a week, or the number of shipments received at the warehouse, can lead to decisions that will increase productivity.

Surveillance also keeps employees on their toes and provides information on the good and poor performing performers.

Loos Prevention topic.  A male warehouse employee placing a box outside a back door of an industrial warehouse distribution building.  A typical internal employee theft scenario.

Loss Prevention

A multi-camera video surveillance system with well-placed and visible cameras is the best way to prevent pilferage and theft by employees. At the same time it will give direct information and physical evidence of employee theft.

  • A third of your employees will steal regardless.
  • A third will steal given the opportunity.
  • A third will not steal.


Providing technologies such as CCTV and Card Access, deters criminal activity and provides a vehicle to follow up on damage, whether accidental or as acts of vandalism.  Proper security measures will also have an impact on insurance and associated costs.

Protection of the physical property, facility, and equipment


Video documentation provides the objective data for analysis, study, a behavior modification in protecting personnel from injury or harm.  Also allows for improving the dangerous zones in warehouse.

Also, critically important is the protection of the goods (foods) from damage or tampering.

Protection of personnel from harm (health and safety) as well as product safety.


Employee theft

By The Numbers

Take away the opportunity and you will improve internal theft by 50%.
  • The first leg is an individual's financial problem or needs that they perceive as non-shareable; i.e., behind on debt.
  • The second leg is this individual's perception that there exists at the place of business an opportunity to resolve the financial problem without getting caught.
  • The third leg is the individual's ability to rationalize or justify the intended illegal action

~ "After everything I did for my company, they owe me. I was entitled to that money."

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